About Us

At Mira-E Solutions, we help our clients understand the impacts and opportunities presented with the evolving technological environment. We provide tailored advisory and meaningful strategies to optimize business results, enable change and manage risks through technology, innovation and transformation.


IT Infrastructure Design & Implementation Services

Our team of experienced and trained experts help design, implement and manage complex LAN, WAN and system operations guidelines for secure business. Our holistic solutions are not just optimised to your current requirements but also flexible enough for future expansion.

What we do

  • Assessment & advisory on current and future IT needs
  • Recommend relevant and proven IT solutions to meet business goals
  • Integrate and manage IT infrastructure implementation projects
  • Day-to-day management of your IT infrastructure 

System & network assessment

What we do

  • Assess status of your PCs, servers, internet and data backups
  • Network infrastructure optimisation for greater efficiencies
  • Assist business owners to understand how business growth and change will impact IT for sound decision making on IT plans and investments
  • Outline the level of exposure to potential security breaches, data loss or system downtime

Backup & disaster recovery services

We will provide fully integrated robust backup and recovery solutions that meet each client’s budget and level of risks. Whether you are just simply looking for hard drive data backup systems or virtual computers and servers or remote backups at secure co location data centers, our team of certified backup engineers and IT technicians will be able to assist and ensure your unique backup and disaster recovery (DR) needs are satisfied.

What we do

  • Implement & manage servers in virtualization environment
  • Recommend suitable backup solution to cut down long hours spent on overnight data back up
  • Implement offsite data replication with compromising performance of “live” server
  • Plan for resumption of applications, data, hardware, network and other IT infrastructure
  • Business continuity planning and incident response advisor

Managed Services

Cost-effective IT management practices for growing businesses 
Business leaders often struggle to identify the IT needs that truly matter to their business. Many lack the right resources to design technology roadmaps, and adopt relevant technologies, IT policies, and standard operating procedures that drives digital transformation. Having strong IT management practices ensure compliance, security, and sustainable growth.

Mira-E offers modern workplace and managed IT solutions from systems to cyber security, and business applications.

Flexible solutions. Proven expertise. Real partnerships.  
There is no right approach to managed services, only the right approach for you. Our modular suite of managed services allows you to select and bundle IT solutions, whenever you need them. Whether you choose to entrust your infrastructure and/or business applications to us, as your extended IT Manager, our cost effective solution gives you the peace of mind to grow your business confidently.

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Address: 12, Lebuh Melaka, 10450,
                Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Email: info@mira-esolutions.com

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